What Are the Benefits of Lemons?

Hot lemonade has been used for the flu since the Roman empire. Lemons are very acidic and makes a great deterrent to bacteria and viruses, but highly alkalizing to the body when digested. This is because lemons are high in vitamin C, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and an excellent expectorant. Lemons also contains a plethoraContinue reading “What Are the Benefits of Lemons?”

Food as Medicine

The Food as Medicine Institute provides nutrition education for individuals, families, and communities to help nourish healthy relationships with whole foods and to enhance healthcare professionals’ understanding of food as medicine. Retrieved from https://foodasmedicineinstitute.com/. Your health and wellness can be controlled and monitored by your food intake. The moderate consumption of nutritious foods can make the differenceContinue reading “Food as Medicine”