Day 49 of Working at Home

I am fortunate enough as a registered nurse to work at home during this pandemic. Today is international Nursing Day, May 12, 2020. I would be re missed not to think about my colleagues and peers working in the trenches.

Concerns of COVID-19

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We don’t know when this pandemic will end but the mental effects have had a tremendous affect on all essential workers. Many staff feel fearful, complain of lack of PPE (personal protective equipment), receive misinformation, and have feelings of uncertainty which add additional stress.

It has been reported that some nurses have caught COVID-19 and did not survive. I was talking to a colleague who stated she thought nurses were being taken advantage of because of our sense of duty toward the patient. This maybe true. Many nurses are working long hours (usually 12 hour shifts) and long stretches before having a day off, which is also stress producing,

As the country reopens regardless of the data or the scientist who project a resurgence of the virus, please continue to be diligent and stay well. It appears people are not social distancing or wearing mask because its their right. One of my colleagues stated in a Facebook post, if you don’t like wearing a mask, you will not like being on a ventilator.

I am hopeful I do not have to stay home all spring and summer because of the poor choices others have made related to COVID-19. How are you feeling about staying in for the next month or so? Leave me a message.

Published by Dr. Marilyn Crosby, PhD, MBA, MSN RN

I am an registered nurse with a variety of nursing experience in many areas of healthcare, including critical care, research, program management, quality, and complementary care. I have a passion for "all things related to health & wellness" and want to share pertinent information. Stay Well!

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