Are you getting enough sleep?

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I have been having trouble going to sleep! I have functioned with five to six hours of sleep and very rarely have gotten a full eight hours for many years. Even on a my day off I wake up after six hours sometimes I feel rested and refreshed and sometimes not.

We sleep to restore our mental energy. Our metabolism is the lowest during sleep, providing the opportunity for the body to restore and heal itself.

Sleep depreciation can have physical, emotional, mental-functioning effects, and be the cause of accidents.

We have a natural built in body clock called the circadian rhythm that literally “means about the day”. The body tries to regulate our sleep and other body functions. It is recommended that we go to bed at the same time every night to keep your circadian rhythm. I think I discovered my problem! Since I have been working at home my circadian rhythm is definitely off. I bet yours is too!!

Sleep well!


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Published by Dr. Marilyn Crosby, PhD, MBA, MSN RN

I am an registered nurse with a variety of nursing experience in many areas of healthcare, including critical care, research, program management, quality, and complementary care. I have a passion for "all things related to health & wellness" and want to share pertinent information. Stay Well!

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