How Long Does It Take For The Body To Decondition?

I try to exercise at least three days per week or more. I participate in various types of exercise to keep me engaged in my exercise routine, this includes walking, weights, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, or bike riding. I find if I start at the beginning of the week I will complete my weekly challenge. IContinue reading “How Long Does It Take For The Body To Decondition?”

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be an alternative for over the counter pain medications, a sleeping aid, like lavender, or have the benefits of eucalyptus that has both analgesic, antiseptic and antiviral effects. Essential oils have been used for centuries to assist in healing and treatment. These oils were used in Biblical times, ancient Egypt, Greece andContinue reading “Essential Oils”

How do You Determine What is bad information?

We keep getting so much information regarding COVID-19, we have no idea what is true. Currently there is no cure and we are being asked to social distance and wear a mask. This is not hard. Individual rights have taken priority over community and public health concerns. In the meantime the virus is out ofContinue reading “How do You Determine What is bad information?”

Are you getting enough sleep?

I have been having trouble going to sleep! I have functioned with five to six hours of sleep and very rarely have gotten a full eight hours for many years. Even on a my day off I wake up after six hours sometimes I feel rested and refreshed and sometimes not. We sleep to restoreContinue reading “Are you getting enough sleep?”


Acupuncture is defined by Webster (2019) as an ancient practice utilizing needles to pierce parts of the body to treat disease. Below are health benefits that this modality claims to provide. I have also tried acupuncture. Acupuncture is not a modality that gives immediate results. It takes a series of treatments to see the benefit.Continue reading “Acupuncture”