Guided Imagery

"Guided imagery teaches you how to use your imagination to relax, reduce stress, relieve symptoms, solve problems, and even stimulate a healing responses in your body." (Rossman,2005).

Rossman, M. (2005). The Healing Mind. The power of imagery.relaxing into healing.

I was introduced to this interesting modality in my graduate program and found it very helpful.
In fact I utilized the technique to reduce my pain related to a toothache while at a school conference, because I did not have access to a dentist.  The technique was so effective I did not follow up with a dentist until three weeks later.

Here’s is a sample of guided imagery used in relaxation. Episode 92: Mindful Moments Releasing Tension Guided Imagery with Marilyn Crosby Saybrook Insights with President Nathan Long

Let me know if you enjoyed the session.

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Just keeping you informed.

Dr. Marilyn Crosby

Published by Dr. Marilyn Crosby, PhD, MBA, MSN RN

I am an registered nurse with a variety of nursing experience in many areas of healthcare, including critical care, research, program management, quality, and complementary care. I have a passion for "all things related to health & wellness" and want to share pertinent information. Stay Well!

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