Acupuncture is defined by Webster (2019) as an ancient practice utilizing needles to pierce parts of the body to treat disease. Below are health benefits that this modality claims to provide. I have also tried acupuncture. Acupuncture is not a modality that gives immediate results. It takes a series of treatments to see the benefit.Continue reading “Acupuncture”

Food as Medicine

The Food as Medicine Institute provides nutrition education for individuals, families, and communities to help nourish healthy relationships with whole foods and to enhance healthcare professionals’ understanding of food as medicine. Retrieved from Your health and wellness can be controlled and monitored by your food intake. The moderate consumption of nutritious foods can make the differenceContinue reading “Food as Medicine”

Implicit Bias and Healthcare, Part ii

Even though health professionals will deny conscious bias when asked, it has manifested into severe forms of abuse within healthcare. One historical example is the Tuskegee syphilis study, in which Black men were targeted to determine the effects of untreated, latent syphilis even though there was a cure and treatment for the disease (Marcelin etContinue reading “Implicit Bias and Healthcare, Part ii”

Implicit Bias and Healthcare

Implicit bias is defined as the lack of awareness of your own potential unconscious biases. It is been noted that healthcare providers may not be aware of their actions and may suggest that these biases are active when providing care to patients (Marcelin, Siraj, Victor, Kotadia & Maldonado, 2019). Patients from under represented groups inContinue reading “Implicit Bias and Healthcare”

Health Disparities

The past few days the citizens have been protesting the death of a Black man (George Floyd & so many others) by the hands of the police. It has been heart breaking to say the least. COVID-19 pandemic and this latest death of a Black man by the police while three other policeman watched hasContinue reading “Health Disparities”

United States Has A Problem

All day I have been watching what has been going on in major cities in this country; Houston, Dallas, New York, D.C., Los Angles, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. RACISM impacts all areas of life in the United States, including healthcare. This issue influences our individual health and wellness and should be addressed to make theContinue reading “United States Has A Problem”