How do Determine what is bad information?

We keep getting so much information regarding COVID-19, we have no idea what is true. Currently there is no cure and we are being asked to social distance and wear a mask. This is not hard. Individual rights have taken priority over community and public health concerns. In the meantime the virus is out ofContinue reading “How do Determine what is bad information?”

The benefits of Garlic

Common Names Garlic , Poor Man’s Treacle, Bawang, Bauang Botanical Name Allium sativum Family LILIACEAE Garlic is a popular herb and used for many things. Click on the links below and read about the various properties of this amazing herb and its uses on the website provided. Medicinal Uses:** Asthma* Athletes Foot/Ringworm* Ayurvedic* Bronchitis*Continue reading “The benefits of Garlic”

Are you getting enough sleep?

I have been having trouble going to sleep! I have functioned with five to six hours of sleep and very rarely have gotten a full eight hours for many years. Even on a my day off I wake up after six hours sometimes I feel rested and refreshed and sometimes not. We sleep to restoreContinue reading “Are you getting enough sleep?”


The goal of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to ensure that more people have universal health coverage, protected from health emergencies, and promote health and well-being. for all. There are 194 members from various countries that are grouped together according to regional distribution. The countries pay fees to be members of the WHO. TheseContinue reading “The WHO”


What is immunity? Webster (2020) defines immunity as the power to keep yourself from being affected by disease. During this 2020 pandemic, the coronavirus has a-ffected individuals with pre-exisiting health issues that include diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Question of immunity and pre-existing health issues maybe a contributing factor. As you boast your immunity,Continue reading “Immunity”

Do you drink enough H20?

We have all heard we should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Most individuals do not drink enough water during the day. Harvard Health (2020) states 4-6 cups per day is usually sufficient. You may risk becoming dehydrated in the summer when it is extremely warm outside, if you do not drink enough water. WarningContinue reading “Do you drink enough H20?”

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA is also known as “Obamacare”) originally included the individual mandate, a provision that required all Americans to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. This mandate was repealed and will no longer be in effect beginning in 2019. Healthcare Reform News Update for July 1, 2020 Oklahoma Voters ApproveContinue reading “The Affordable Care Act”