How do Determine what is bad information?

We keep getting so much information regarding COVID-19, we have no idea what is true. Currently there is no cure and we are being asked to social distance and wear a mask. This is not hard. Individual rights have taken priority over community and public health concerns. In the meantime the virus is out of control in this country, and many have died.

A Houston physician stated he was dealing with two issues, COVID-19 and stupidity. He asked people to wear a mask and listen to science.

I heard another physician claim that he have to provide information seven (7) different ways every day to ensure his peers and colleagues where aware of the changes presented by the CDC.

As a registered nurse, I am keenly aware of infection control practices and consider myself well informed, but also find this challenging to keep up with because some of the recommendations do not make sense. The CDC changes their infection control criteria frequently, and when guidance is sought they are quiet.

The criteria for employees to return to work has also changed. Many employers were requiring their staff to have two negative test prior to returning to work. Now, the CDC has recommended employers change to a symptom based screening, because one can have several positive test with no symptoms, and they are saying it is okay to return to work.

The White House is not embracing the science regarding this virus, and continues to send mixed messages to the public. We are all bombarded with all types of questionable information about cures and the seriousness of the virus. As of August 5, 2020, more than one hundred and fifty seven thousand (157,000) people have died in the United States.

This virus is very contagious and those who are exposed may or may not manifest symptoms, and may have residual effects. Who wants to roll that dice to prove a point just because its your right? That is the state affairs for many as the issue of public health and individual rights is being politicized.

I offer a few tips to verify your information.

  1. Use common sense and digest what has been shared. Ask yourself who is sharing the information, do they have the credentials or the science to verify their claims?
  2. Does the information that was shared make sense to you? Do you read additional literature or depend on the internet and television for all your information?
  3. What has science said about the issue? Educate yourself. Read and listen to a variety of sources to validate your findings and review the pros and cons of all issues not just COVID-19.
  4. Put others first and humor the medical community by wearing a mask and social distance. Prevention is not overrated. If we can do what we should now, deaths and exposure could be reduced. Be the change you want to see.
  5. It took many years to get the flu vaccine to market. There is no HIV vaccine either but medications are available to manage the disease.and make it undetectable. Other countries are working to find a cure, for COVID-19 as well and as of August 5, 2020, there is no cure or vaccine available.
  6. I also doubt there will be a vaccine available in 2020.

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You may not care about your life, but do not put others at risk to make a point. It”s not worth it. If you get the virus or give it to a loved one; I am sure your prospective will change. Think about your friends, family and your community. We appreciate it!!

Just trying to keep you informed!!

Dr. Marilyn Crosby

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an easy read, and contains suggestions of natural remedies, beauty aids, household help and recipes..

Did you know apple cider is a great skin toner.(P. 105).

It also great for smelly feet, soak your feet in hot water with a cup of apple cider vinegar.((p. 95).

According to this book, apple cider is good for headaches: soak the head with a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar and 600 ml of water, drink a cup of water with 3 tsp of apple cider vinegar three times per day or use a vaporizer with apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes per day .(p.71).

Recipe for colds and sore throat: gargle twice a day with the mixture of one tsp of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water (p..52)

It can be used as an Insect repellent; to get rid of the fleas on your dog, add a 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar to the final rinse after shampooing the dog. According to this book, you can repel mosquitoes by filling a spray body with 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup of witch hazel, and 4 drops if citronella oil, and spray it on your skin (p.111).

Spraying apple cider vinegar in your garden can be used to kill weeds (p.113).

This is informational only and not intended to replace medical care.

Just keeping you informed.

Why use a Bath TEA?

The pressure and stress built into our daily lives often give us little time to relax and unwind. So, rather than rushing through another quick shower, take 20+minutes out of your day to soak in a warm bath.

You will be amazed at how much you can benefit from such a simple thing as a soak in the tub.

As your tense body slips into the tub, the sensuous water actually warms your body and relaxes the muscles.

Your body feels lighter.

The experience not only soothes physically but also mentally and provides a chance to take a real break and enjoy some much needed quiet time.

Go Natural!
While some people like glittery bath bombs or fragrance oils, when I need to unwind and de-stress I prefer soaking my skin in natural ingredients.

The addition of botanicals and herbs to your bath is a simple pleasure that can be transformative.

Whether you call them bath teas, tub teas or bathing herbs, botanicals have been used in baths for thousands of years to relieve aches and pains, to fight colds, boost circulation, or energize or relax your mind and body.

Soaking in a warm fragrant herbal bath provides a quiet sanctuary in which to retreat, reflect and refresh.

The healing properties trapped in the herbs and released by the water can help boost your mood, calm the mind, soothe sore muscle and joints, opens pores, soften skin, and promote more restful sleep.

As the beneficial properties of the herbs are released into the water, a pleasant aroma fills the air which provides soul therapy, skin therapy, and aromatherapy all in one.

So, draw a warm bath infused with fragrant or therapeutic herbs, light a few natural candles, play soothing music and relax. It may just be the perfect medicine for whatever ails you! Next time: Which Herbs To Use…

Submitted by
Patti Briggs
Aromachologist/Herbalist Practitioner &
Meditation Teacher

The benefits of Garlic

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  • Common Names
  • Garlic , Poor Man’s Treacle, Bawang, Bauang
  • Botanical Name
  • Allium sativum
  • Family

Garlic is a popular herb and used for many things. Click on the links below and read about the various properties of this amazing herb and its uses on the website provided.

Medicinal Uses:** Asthma* Athletes Foot/Ringworm* Ayurvedic* Bronchitis* Burns* Cancer Prevention* Candida/yeast* Cardiovascular* Cholesterol* Colds* Culinary/Kitchen* Diabetes* Ear* Flu* Herpes/Cold Sores* Insect Repellent* Nutrition* Parasites/worms* Sinus* Sore Throat* Spring Tonics* Stop Smoking
Properties: * Antibacterial* Antifungal* Antiparasite* Antirheumatic* Antispasmodic* Breath* Diaphoretic* Emmenagogue* Expectorant* Galactagogue* Hypotensive* Stimulant* Vermifuge* Vulnerary

Parts Used: bulb

REFERENCES (2018). Retrieved from

This is presented as information only, not as medical advice. Just keeping you informed and stay well!

Eating Raw Food

Palmcrantz & Lilja (2010) authors of Raw Food: A complete guide for every meal of the day stated the raw food diet or the living food diet is more than a diet but a way of life. The definition of raw food is food made from fruits, berries, vegetables, seeds, nuts dried fruits, algae, sprouts, legumes, honey, cold pressed oil and spices (Palmcrantz & Lilja, 2010).

Palmcrantz & Lilja (2010) state to consume the maximum amount of nutrients from food it should not be exposed to heat, over 104-115 degrees. I can agree with the the benefits of eating raw food, that include weight loss increased energy healthier skin and better digestion.

In fact, I try to maintain a raw food diet and find it was much easier for me during the summer months when more fruits and vegetables are available for consumption. I have to admit that sometimes I want hot food and will treat myself. Consuming a raw food diet had decreased both my cholesterol and protein levels. The drop in cholesterol was positive but my protein level became extremely low. So much so, that my hairstylist could tell the difference in my hair texture, it became very soft and thin. I had a wellness panel drawn and discovered the deficit.

As a result, I added butter, cheese, and meat, of course, I experienced some weight gain and my cholesterol and protein increased. Overall the raw food diet is a great way to stay healthy but is not for everyone, I probably should have increased my food variety to meet all my nutrient needs and will do so in the future. Happy eating and stay well!

Just keeping you informed!


Raw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day. by Erica Palmcrantz and irmela lilja.

Are you getting enough sleep?

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I have been having trouble going to sleep! I have functioned with five to six hours of sleep and very rarely have gotten a full eight hours for many years. Even on a my day off I wake up after six hours sometimes I feel rested and refreshed and sometimes not.

We sleep to restore our mental energy. Our metabolism is the lowest during sleep, providing the opportunity for the body to restore and heal itself.

Sleep depreciation can have physical, emotional, mental-functioning effects, and be the cause of accidents.

We have a natural built in body clock called the circadian rhythm that literally “means about the day”. The body tries to regulate our sleep and other body functions. It is recommended that we go to bed at the same time every night to keep your circadian rhythm. I think I discovered my problem! Since I have been working at home my circadian rhythm is definitely off. I bet yours is too!!

Sleep well!


Publications International Ltd (2017). Boost Your Immune System.


World Health Organization (WHO) – Logos Download

The goal of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to ensure that more people have universal health coverage, protected from health emergencies, and promote health and well-being. for all.

There are 194 members from various countries that are grouped together according to regional distribution. The countries pay fees to be members of the WHO. These fees are calculated by the country’s wealth and population. They also accept voluntary contributions (Bill Gates).

It is 2020 and the USA is number 37 in healthcare in the world. This ranking is based on access, quality and health of the population. Since the WHO works worldwide to promote health and wellness. They also serve vulnerable populations and it would be in our best interest to remain a member.

President Trump has submitted a notice to Congress that he would like to remove the USA from the WHO next year because of their handling of COVID -19. Apparently you have to give Congress a years notice before the USA can withdraw from the WHO.

The pandemic is exploding within the United States and the surge of deaths, and changes in infection control policies have healthcare facilities and staff struggling to adapt to the frequent changes. Without the guidance from the CDC and the WHO, hospitals would be on their own.

I believe the US should remain a member of the WHO. It is doubtful that the USA will or can create an equitable healthcare system to address the needs of all Americans. Addressing vulnerable populations, or addressing the pandemic are also essential task for the WHO. Healthcare should be essential for all to ensure healthy communities.


Best Healthcare In The World (2020). Retrieved from

The World Health Organization, (2020). Retrieved from


What is immunity? Webster (2020) defines immunity as the power to keep yourself from being affected by disease.

During this 2020 pandemic, the coronavirus has a-ffected individuals with pre-exisiting health issues that include diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Question of immunity and pre-existing health issues maybe a contributing factor. As you boast your immunity, hopefully you can manage your chronic disease as well.

This book can be purchased at Amazon at

What Can You Do to Improve Your Immunity?

  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.
  • Try to minimize stress.
  • Stay Well!


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Do you drink enough H20?

We have all heard we should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Most individuals do not drink enough water during the day. Harvard Health (2020) states 4-6 cups per day is usually sufficient.

You may risk becoming dehydrated in the summer when it is extremely warm outside, if you do not drink enough water. Warning signs of dehydration include weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, or urine that’s dark in color. (Harvard Health, 2020).

Believe it or not it is possible to drink too much water, especially for those with thyroid disease, kidney, liver, or heart problems. There are also medications that can cause you to retain water such as opiate pain medications, and some antidepressants (Harvard Health, 2020).

Benefits of drinking water

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Water keeps every system in the body functioning properly. The Harvard Medical School Special Health Report (2020) notes that water has many important jobs, such as:

  • carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • flushing bacteria from your bladder
  • aiding digestion
  • preventing constipation
  • normalizing blood pressure
  • stabilizing the heartbeat
  • cushioning joints
  • protecting organs and tissues
  • regulating body temperature
  • maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance
  • Reference
  • Harvard Health, (2020) How much water such you drink? Retrieved from

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA is also known as “Obamacare”) originally included the individual mandate, a provision that required all Americans to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. This mandate was repealed and will no longer be in effect beginning in 2019.

Healthcare Reform News Update for July 1, 2020

Oklahoma Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion

Citizens in Oklahoma voted on Tuesday to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act by amending the state constitution. Those who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty level will now qualify for Medicaid, which is approximately $17,200 for individuals and $35,500 for a family of four.

Healthcare Reform News Update for June 30, 2020

House Democrats Pass Bill to Extend ACA Provisions

The House voted to expand the Affordable Care Act on Monday. The measure is the first significant ACA bill to pass since the law was enacted.

The legislation passed primarily along party lines, with Democrats in support and Republicans opposing. The bill is not expected to pass in the Republican-controlled senate, and the White House announced that the president would veto the measure if it comes before him.

Some of the provisions in the bill include:

  • Capping premiums for benchmark silver plans at 8.5% of income for all enrollees, instead of only offering ACA premium tax subsidies to those earning under 400 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • Increasing funding for ACA outreach and enrollment to $100 million per year.
  • Allowing federal health officials to negotiate the price of prescription drugs under Medicare.
  • Reestablishing the 3-month duration limit for short-term health insurance.
  • Reducing Medicaid funding for states that have not expanded Medicaid, but also allowing the federal government to pay the entire initial cost for expansion.

Healthcare Reform News Update for June 26, 2020

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Affordable Care Act

The Department of Justice filed a legal brief to the Supreme Court on Thursday night that argues the Affordable Care Act should be overturned. The brief contends that the entire health law was invalidated when its individual mandate tax penalty was struck down in 2017.

The Court is expected to hear oral arguments in the case later this year and make a ruling in early 2021.

Almost Half a Million Enroll in ACA Plans After Losing Coverage

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that approximately 487,000 Americans signed up for Affordable Care Act plans after the open enrollment period ended in December, a 46 percent increase from last year.

The increase was concentrated in April and May, which suggests that the surge in enrollments is linked to layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Retrieved from

Just keeping your informed.

Dr. Marilyn Crosby

Herbal Medicine

Many are utilizing herbs to enhance their health and ward off disease in conjunction to eating a balance diet. Most do not eat a balance diet, they eat too much processed food or eat too many carbohydrates and do not drink enough water.

During this pandemic of COVID-19, there was an increase use of vitamin C, zinc, turmeric and ginger. It has been challenging to find these items right after the pandemic emerged. I refer to this book frequently for questions about herbs and other natural foods and home remedies.

Back to Eden;: A book on herbal remedies for disease, and other natural methods of healing by Jethro Kloss

This is an excellent book by Jethro Kloss that discusses all types of herbs and natural healing, This old book but very useful. It can be bought on Amazon.

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